With a taste similar to chicken, crocodile is much more tender and juicy. Years spent brining in saltwater lakes and seas certainly haven’t gone to waste!

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Despite outside appearances, crocodile is surprisingly tender, juicy and altogether flavourful.

Crocodile meat has a taste that can be compared to chicken, but with a texture more akin to veal or pork. This can be chalked up to both the crocodile’s semi-aquatic lifestyle and their powerful musculature, contributing to an incredible flavour. Indeed, years spent basking in saltwater imbues the meat with a subtle salinity, adding a depth of flavour that elevates dishes without overpowering other flavours.

More than just a novelty ingredient, crocodile meat is surprisingly versatile.

  • Marinated Crocodile strips zill beautifully in a pan and make for an interesting protein filling for fajitas or tacos
  • The subtle salinity pairs well with bolder flavours such as curries
  • Pan-Seared Crocodile: It can also be pan-seared as you would a premium cut of beef for an interesting twist on steak night

Between its unique flavour profile and adaptability, crocodile has a lot to offer the adventurous cook. Buy crocodile meat from Peter Fisher Game and Protein and get ready to explore your culinary horizons.



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