Goose Meat

Goose is rich and intensely-flavoured, much more akin to beef than other types of bird, only stronger

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Goose Meat

Goose meat offers an intense savoury profile, far more akin to a succulent cut of beef rather than the subtle flavours of chicken or turkey.

This taste profile offers a unique canvas for creativity and lends itself well to robust sauces and bolder seasonings. Roast it with fragrant root vegetables and herbs de Provance, braise it in a rich red wine reduction, or explore Asian-inspired wishes where the powerful flavours of goose take centre stage.

Beyond the intense flavours, goose boasts an unmatched texture. Unlike the dry tendencies of some poultry, goose meat is both incredibly tender and juicy. The combination of richness and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness is all but guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

The Peter Fisher Game and Poultry selection of goose meat has been naturally reared at trusted Norfolk farms, in accordance with our commitment to providing only the finest quality meats. Order yours above today.



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