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Pale of flesh and delicately flavoured, partridge is similar to chicken in many ways. It is naturally lean and best served slightly pink.

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Described by some as ‘the king of game birds’, grouse offers a unique and delectable eating experience for those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary.

Unlike its more robust game bird cousins like duck or poultry, grouse is pale with a delicately nuanced flavour profile. Some liken it to chicken, albeit with a distinct earthiness and subtle sweetness that sets it apart. This delicate profile makes it incredibly versatile and ideal for marinades and sauces alike.

Grouse may seem like a gourmet ingredient, but its surprisingly adaptable and suitable for a range of everyday meals.

  • Simply roast whole grouse or in grouse breasts with aromatic herbs for a luxurious main course
  • Pan-fry sliced grouse breast wrapped in prosciutto and sage for a delightful grouse saltimbocca
  • Slow-cooked grouse is ideal for decadent pies

Altogether, grouse offers a culinary adventure for those seeking to explore the finer things. Order grouse online from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry and discover the possibilities of this versatile bird today.



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