Eaten by indigenous Australians for centuries, Kangaroo is now available in the UK. Very high in protein and very low in fat, it is lean, while incredibly flavourful.

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Long a staple of Aboriginal Australia cuisine, kangaroo meat is low in fat, high in protein and intensely flavourful.

While an especially lean meat, kangaroo meat nonetheless boasts a rich and slightly gamy state that can be compared to venison, albeit milder and more versatile. This makes it a great pairing with a wide range of seasonings and culinary stylings.

  • Marinated kangaroo steaks in your favourite herbs and stylings, before grilling and serving with a side salad
  • Add an exotic protein boost to Asian-inspired dishes, where the mild gaminess will complement ginger or curry powder
  • Slow-cook kangaroo for a deeply flavourful ragu or stew

Altogether, kangaroo meat offers a gateway to new flavours and textures you wouldn’t have thought possible. Its impressive nutritional profile, versatility and rich cultural heritage make it a protein worth discovering. Buy kangaroo meat from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry, and embark on a culinary adventure to the Australian outback.



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