Pigeon Meat

Dark and gamey, pigeon breast is a popular, if a little unorthodox, alternative to chicken on menus across Europe. It is far juicier and more tender.




Pidgeon illustration

Pigeon Meat 

While probably not the first meat that comes to mind when you think of bird, pigeon is nonetheless a delicious and versatile protein option with a lot to offer.

Wild pigeon boasts a rich and darker character when compared to its farm-reared poultry counterparts. When properly prepared, this translates into an incredibly flavourful, juicy and altogether satisfying culinary experience.

  • Pan-seared pigeon breasts allow the rich flavour and lean texture of the meat to shine through, pairing well with roast vegetables and fruit reductions
  • Wrap thinly-slicked pigeon breast in prosciutto and sage and then pan fry for a classic pigeon saltimbocca
  • Dice pigeon breast and add it to your favourite curries or stir-fries for an exotic twist on classic Asian-inspired dishes.

Our wild pigeon is harvested through regulated means, ensuring the sustainability of wild bird populations – When you buy pigeon meat from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry you choose not only a new flavour, but do your part to support ethical game hunting practices.



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