Get ready for Christmas, or enjoy the clean, subtle flavour year-round! All our turkeys are free-range and locally reared.




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Turkey is a robust and adaptable meat with culinary uses far beyond Christmas dinners.

Protein-rich with a mild and slightly sweet flavour profile, turkey readily absorbs the essence of practically any herb and spice. Smoky turkey thighs are sure to be a hit during summer barbecues, while slow-roasted turkey drumsticks immersed in spices make for a low-effort yet flavourful weeknight dinner.

Peter Fisher Game and Poultry take pride in offering free-range products raised by local Norfolk farms who are as committed to ethical and sustainable practices as we are. Compared with supermarket options, you’ll notice that our free-range turkey has a richer flavour, thanks to the active lifestyle the birds live, and exceptional tenderness due to them being raised in a stress-free environment

Whether you’re planning a festive dinner or simply seeking to explore poultry options beyond chicken, buy turkey online from Peter and Fisher to experience the free-range difference.



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