Wild Duck Meat

Rich and meaty, duck carries an unmistakable flavour. The fatty skin crisps especially well, forming a shell around the tender meat inside.




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Wild Duck Meat

Flavourful yet versatile, Peter Fisher Game and Poultry believe that duck deserves a place beyond high-class restaurants.

Duck boasts a rich, slightly gamy flavour unlike any other poultry. This distinctive taste is complemented by a fatty skin which magnificently crisps when cooked, resulting in a delightful contrast of textures that adds to the experience.

While a classic roast duck makes an impressive centrepiece, duck has far more to offer:

  • Pan-sear duck breasts for a quick and elegant main course, ideally paired with a sauce or a glaze
  • Low-cook duck legs for a classic duck confit, with tender meat that falls right off the bones
  • Thinly-slicked duck adds a unique flavour and protein boost to stir-fries

Our commitment to ethically-hunted birds ensures you receive the highest-quality meats from birds thriving in their natural habitat and living on an all-natural diet. Buy fresh duck from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry, and broaden your culinary horizons.



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