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Free-roaming game and poultry make for the most rich, flavourful meat available anywhere. No cages, no farms – everything wild-caught and hunted.



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The Peter Fisher Game and Poultry range of game meat features free-roaming animals that have never seen the inside of a cage or a farm. Having thrived on all-natural diets, each cut or whole animal has exceptional favour and an unmatched richness that conventional supermarket meats will struggle to match.



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Our range includes:


Lean and tender, venison is the classic game meat for good reason.

Wild duck

Succulent and juicy in texture yet delicate and sweet in taste, wild duck is perfect for roasting whole or incorporating into delicious cassoulets.


Just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re not flavourful. Wild pigeon offers a surprisingly rich and tender breast meat.

Wild boar

Leaner than pork and with a robust taste profile, wild boar is ideal for stewing or slow-cooking.


A true delicacy. Grouse boasts a mild and slightly gamey flavour that elevates even simple dishes.

Wild hare

Delicate and slightly sweet, with a melt-in-the-mouth quality when correctly cooked.


Richer and gamier in flavour, wild hare lends itself well to meals with long cooking times.


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