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A deep, reddish-brown meat, juicy and fibrous, wild hare is absolutely delicious. Rich and gamey – perfect for pies, stews or as a roast.

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A classic game meat, wild hare has a deep, reddish-brown colour and a remarkably juicy, fibrous texture.

The gamy note associated with hare might be off-putting for some, but for adventurous foodies looking to explore a depth of flavour that supermarket meats simply can’t offer. there are fewer better meats. The uniquely complex flavour is a testament to the hare’s natural diet of wild grasses and herbs.

While stews and pies are the classic ways to enjoy wild hares, its potential extends far beyond these comfort dishes.

  • Roast hare whole with a crust of fresh herbs and garlic for a centrepiece set to wow any guest
  • Transform the rich meat into a truly decadent wild hare ragu
  • Slow-cook wild hare with root vegetables and herbs for a low-effort yet impact weeknight dinner

With a robust flavour, lean profile and versatile uses, this game has a lot to offer the discerning palate. Buy wild hare from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry today, and embark on a journey of culinary exploration.



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