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From the plains of Africa to the tables of Britain, Zebra meat is tender and lean, akin to the finest beef, with a subtle game flavour.

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Zebra is a tantalising game meat for those looking to really expand their culinary horizons.

While zebra meat boasts a lean yet surprisingly tender texture akin to high-quality beef, the real draw is in its flavour profile. A subtle gaminess adds intrigue and texture to dishes without overpower the palate, with a gentle sweetness shining through.

Our zebra meat is ethically sourced from our partners in Africa, ensuring the sustainability of zebra populations. By choosing zebra from Peter Fisher Game and Poultry, you’re not only indulging in one of the most delicious exotic meats in the world – You’re supporting ethical practices in the food industry.

Far more than a novelty meat, zebra has a range of uses:

  • Zebra Steak, simply sear it as you would a premium beef
  • Ground and shape it into patties for a Zebra burger experience unlike any other
  • Elevate your stir-fries or curries with a gamy depth of flavour



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