Diced Wild Boar

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Fresh/Frozen Wild Boar Diced: Experience the untamed essence of wild boar in convenient diced form, delivering bold, gamey flavors to elevate your culinary adventures.

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Fresh/Frozen Farmed Wild Boar from South America/Spanish: Sourced from meticulously raised farmed wild boar, our premium cuts offer a remarkable combination of tenderness and robust flavors, influenced by the natural habitats of South America or the traditional Spanish rearing methods. With rich marbling and a distinct gamey taste, these boar cuts are perfect for creating exceptional dishes that capture the essence of the wild, making them a favored choice among culinary enthusiasts seeking a unique and memorable dining experience.

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Use discount code meaty10 to get an extra 10% off at checkout if you spend £50 or more
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We only deliver to customers in the UK.


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Boar Meat 

Boasting a rich heritage and a distinct taste, there is a reason that wild boar was long considered the meat of kings.

Despite appearances, the taste of wild boar has little in common with their domesticated cousins. You’ll find it is robust and gamy, adding a layer of complexity that elevates dishes rather than overpowering them. A naturally lean and firm texture thanks to a low-fat content only elevates the experience.

Altogether, this makes wild boar something of a blank canvas with an endless range of creative options.

  • Roast boar sausages are perfect for grilling, cassoulet or enjoying in a hearty breakfast hash
  • The naturally lean texture makes wild boar ideal for slow cooking
  • Marinated Wild Boar in herbs and spices and roast for a centrepiece worthy of any special occasion



Use discount code meaty10 to get an extra 10% off at checkout if you spend £50 or more
Don’t miss out – pick up something delicious today. 

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